Schedule and Class Dynamics - COALI 3
Data Atividade Presencial Atividade wikipage
25/03 Teaching Plan; orientation for answering the questionary: knowing the class Fill in the questionary
01/04 explanation of teaching methodology; reading and comprehension Challenge 2: What is Romanticism
08/04 correct the vocabulary list and ask them to answer the text comprehension challenge 3: Wikispaces account
15/04 Scanning and Skimming: reading strategies; reading of the text healthy alimentation; Text comprehension -
22/04 introduction of the text The story of food Challenge 4
29/04 Skimming and exercises of the text: the chemistry of making bread Challenge 4: Healthy Alimentation / The chemistry of making bread
06/05 Correct the exercises about the text The chemistry of making bread Challenge 4: inserir imagens, frases e organizar e-notebook
13/05 Translation (Scanning) of the text The chemistry of making bread -
20/05 Why are we so fat: Introduction and activities -
27/05 Bimonth English Text -
03 -
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